Wood Floor Sanding & Polishing

Modern & Antique Flooring Protected and Restored

Few floor sanding companies have the requisite skills to restore older wooden floors to their former glory. At Lascombe French Polishing, we can draw on techniques used to restore antique furniture and other wood fittings and fixtures, whilst still having access to the modern equipment needed to do a quick, efficient and dust-free job on contemporary floors.

Whether you have an ultra-modern wide plank floor, an older parquet or herringbone floor, or even an antique or listed floor, our craftsmen will talk through the colour and finish options open to you. We can use either lacquers or oils depending on the finish you would like us to achieve.

Services include:

  • machine sanding
  • hand-stripping
  • sympathetic repairs to hide damaged areas
  • restoring wood to its original colour
  • removing old varnish or lacquers
  • making good sun or water damage
ilwaxed floor

Oil or wax will give a floor a subtle natural finish, but it is necessary to maintain it. We offer a re-waxing and oiling service.

Oak flooring

In this home refurbishment project, new oak flooring was sanded and then colour matched with the original wood for a seamless look.

Pine block flooring

This pine block flooring had severe water damage. We replaced some blocks altogether, colouring them to match the original wood.

Beech flooring

The beech flooring in this London apartment was sanded using a drum sander, then sealed and finished with matt floor lacquer.

Mahogany block floor

Years of sunlight had faded this mahogany block floor in Surrey. It was thoroughly sanded, sealed and finished with matt floor lacquer.

Oak and pine floors (before restoration)
Floor after sanding
Floor after restoration
Handrail after restoration
We were asked to restore old oak and pine floors. After sanding, we stained the two floors to match each other (to a colour finish that was chosen by the customer). Both floors were then sealed and finished with floor lacquer. We also stripped the painted banister to reveal the original mahogany hand rail, which was then stained and finished in a traditional French polish.
Antique oak floor - before restoration
Antique oak floor - after restoration
Wood filler showing
When restoring a 400 year old oak floor in a listed building, machine sanding was out of the question. To preserve the floor's character, lovely colour and patination, it was hand-stripped and washed with methelayted spirits before being sealed and coated with floor lacquer to bring out its natural shine. We also managed to disguise old and discoloured wood filler repairs.