Interior Wood Finishing

Lascombe French Polishing have a wealth of experience with all types of wooden fixtures and fittings. Our hand polishing skills are not only in demand in people's homes but also on site as part of commercial renovation projects.

Limed window frames
Limed beams and banisters
Limed beams and window
Limed door
This unusual (and increasingly popular) look for wood is known as liming. Lascombe French Polishing were asked to lime all the interior wood - including doors, beams, banisters, panels and window frames - in this Surrey manor house.
Hallway panels before restoration (1)
Hallway panels before restoration (2)
Hallway panels after restoration
Hallway panels and door after restoration
This hallway had had numerous restoration attempts over the years and was looking very rough. We chemical stripped all surfaces by hand, removing all paint residue, old wax and dirt, and also replaced missing panelling. Then all surfaces were sanded, stained and coloured using spirit stains and pigments to match old woodwork with new, before everything was sealed, French polished and finished with beeswax.

We regularly work on the following:

Staircases, Banisters and Hand Rails

We can restore or re-polish rails to their original colour, or strip and re-colour to match a building refit or redecoration. We are experts in colour-matching and can ensure that all wooden fixtures have the same finish, even when they are different wood species.

Victorian mahogany handrail

This Victorian mahogany handrail was stripped back and stained to a rich dark colour with a spirit stain, before being traditionally hand polished.

Staircase (stately home in Surrey)

The staircase within this large stately home in Surrey was sympathetically revived and re-polished, then finished with beeswax.

Mahogany handrail

When a mahogany handrail is stripped back to the original wood, stain can then be applied to enhance the grain and rich colour.

Mahogany staircase

The pine newel posts of this mahogany staircase were stripped, stained to a mahogany colour, then colour polished to blend in with the handrail.

Ebonised mahogany handrail

This mahogany handrail was ebonised (a technique that uses black French polish) to complement the contemporary look that the client wanted.

Pine staircase

This pine staircase (over 3 floors) in a house in Kensington was stained and polished to a mahogany colour. Dark wax was then applied to add shading in the twists and carvings.

Restored handrail

This handrail had extensive sun damage. After stripping, it was thoroughly sanded to reveal its original colour, then finished in a button polish.

Doors: Polishing, Varnishing & Lacquering

Whether on an internal or external door, French polishing produces an instantly recognisable finish that just oozes quality. Existing doors can be restored with polishing and waxing, and new doors can be stained to match any finish required.

Kitchen Countertops and Worktops

Our experts can remove scratches and stains by sanding then re-staining and either lacquering or waxing.